about this space.

Welcome to my little piece of the internet! However you got here, wherever you are, I’m so glad you’ve found this space.

Refined Ramblings, formerly known as Once Upon a Plate, is a space for story telling and thought exploration. A space to share both profound realizations and mundane happenings of my 20-something life. I’m a writer and a story teller; someone who has always hand a way with words on paper, keeping diary’s and journals tucked underneath my bed for as long as I can remember. From pen and paper to clicks of a keyboard, I’ve transitioned from classic spiral notebooks to sleek and silver MacBooks.

To fully understand the stories found within this space, there are a few things you should know…

Me & the woman who taught me everything I know about life & love & baking cookies.

4 places I call home & other things I write about often; I was born & raised in Simsbury, CT. I have 2 older brothers (who double as Grammar Police), a mom who’s always in the kitchen frosting cookies & a dad who loves to take the long way home. I recently concluded my 4 year stay in Philadelphia where I earned a degree in Marketing & Communications, ate my fair share of soft pretzels & developed an unconditional love for Hawks basketball. In July ’14, I said goodbye to the City of Brotherly Love & moved to Boston (a dream I still can’t believe came true). I have since begun a never ending “to-do” list filled with places to eat, sites to see, bodies of water to paddle, boutiques to shop…you get the idea. I’m the two thumbs behind @shopthestreet on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook & I (finally!) live a quick road trip away from salt air, sandy feet, & homemade clam chowder; my one true love: Eastham, MA.

I live in stripes & oversized scarves, I’ve never met a food I don’t like, I consider myself an expert in the field of Cheesesteaks & I firmly believe that red raspberry chocolate chip ice cream in a sugar cone with rainbow sprinkles can be categorized under “dinner”. I do not under any circumstances allow my food to touch, I’m a sucker for a good bowl of chicken tortilla soup, I have an affinity for Sour Patch watermelons & I enjoy tequila like most people enjoy coffee (I also enjoy coffee. A lot.). If I’m not whistling a Lord Huron or Good Old War tune it’s probably because it’s Thursday and I’m listening to Reply All the Podcast.

Thanks for stumbling upon my once-a-homework-assignment, now creative-escape. There are lots of happy endorphin’s released every time I hit publish and lots more that come from the love you guys send my way after reading. So truly, thank you.

Follow the links within this page for some of my favorite past ramblings and don’t miss my personal favorites, daydreamingBOYS. and BAGELS. Enjoy!


8 thoughts on “about this space.

  1. what a quirky, funny, pleasant writing style you have. There’s almost a complaining tone, but a twist. I wanted to keep reading and reading and reading – even when you’re having writers block I’m intrigued.
    I’d also love to know what shopthestreet is tho’ am not on Instagram.
    I think I may just have to follow you too b/c the ramblings are enjoyable and I think I’d miss you if I didn’t – In a NON Creepy way of course.
    So glad I stumbled upon your blog using the Boston Bloggers tag. 🙂

    TAF (Hope you’ll stop by my site too sometimes. A little bit of everything appreciation. http://www.theappreciationfactor.wordpress.com)

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! love the idea behind your blog! Can’t wait to head over and check it. (PS shopthestreet is the social media handle for the shopping center I work for located in Chestnut Hill, MA called “The Street”! It’s a fun little place)

      1. I live near there – is it part of the “mall” w/ Anthropology and Shake Shack? Have to follow it.
        I hope you’ll stop by and share ideas/feedback. I love to hear from my readers.

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