on January 21st

“Never doubt that you are powerful and valuable and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world.” – HRC

Also of note, “bullies are despicable.” – Cute Kid in Photo Below










Take from these photos, this day, this movement, what you will but I hope you look closely at the faces in these photos. Beyond the crass words and flimsy poster boards and into the faces of the strong human beings holding those posters high in the sky and marching so proudly beside them. I hope you consider the peacefulness in which these demonstrations were conducted across the world and I hope you remember that on this day, however many years from now, people came together to support people. To speak of kindness and equality and peace and love. To shout and support and listen and learn. To inspire and motivate, ignite and empower.

Take from this day what you will.


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