on 2016

This is a week for reflection. For lazy mornings on the couch and quiet days in the office. For increased coffee consumption and left over Christmas cookies to accompany each new cup. For movie going and Netflix binging. For top ten’s and best of’s, recaps and repeats. For goal setting and dream chasing, careful analysis and reflection.

What did we accomplish this year? What did we do? How did we do it? How did we spend the last 365 days? Did we spend them well? Did we spend them well enough? Did we do enough? Accomplish enough? See enough? Be enough?

Did I write enough? Absolutely not. And so I’m here, at Trident Booksellers, at a table for one enjoying a Vermont maple latte, two eggs over easy and a side of homemade corned beef hash, reflecting. I should note, it’s 7pm on a Thursday evening and technically I’m “spinning” in a 6:30 ride at the studio down the block, but today’s my first day back to reality after a nice little semi-staycation and I’m not quite ready to jump back in. So I closed up my umbrella and took a premature right turn into a book store infused cafe on Newbury St. and called up the studio to tell them to open my bike to the wait list.

Reflecting on this year evokes a strange wave of emotions that I’m guessing many can relate to. I did a lot of things. Some things that I feel so happy to have experienced and some things that I certainly wouldn’t mind forgetting about. I traveled across the country, climbed a volcano and slept under the stars in Hawaii. I ate more fried chicken in Nashville within a 4 day stay than I have in all of my 24 years of existence, combined. I found the one Dunkin’ Donuts in all of North Carolina and completed a killer 14 mile hike in the Great Smokey Mountains, fueled only by fruit snacks, rationed beef jerky and the promise of semi cold Gatorade in the trunk of a rental car at the bottom of the mountain. I went to the beach a lot, drank iced coffee with my mom a lot, dreamed up schemes with like-minded gal pals and inspiring creatives and took an unintentional break from dating. I saw 8 live shows, including Beyonce, Guster and Lord Huron. I started and did not finish a few hundred books. I started and finished Sweet Bitter and Yes Please and The Girls. I learned to knit and came so close to finishing my scarf, now eleven months in the making. I developed an addiction to Reply All and I acquired a decent yoga mat, which I’m proud to say I use somewhat frequently. I should also mention that I quietly changed the name of this little piece of the Internet of mine, with help from Draper & Carr.

But I’m getting carried away. In summary, I visited a lot of places and did a lot of things and still, it’s been a strange year. Because while I was doing those things and seeing those places, here and there and on the go, some shitty things were happening all around me. I’ll spare you from another “2016 was miserable” OpEd, but it needs to be acknowledged, because man, was 2016 tough.

But as with anything, we reflect so that we can improve. Or at least I hope that’s the action that comes next for you. We live and we learn. We do better, we do more and in some cases we do less. We acknowledge, we accept, we advance. We treat ourselves to impromptu eggs over easy and homemade hash and in turn, award ourselves with a rare quiet moment; time to write and wonder and to reflect. To do whatever it is that makes us tick, whatever it is that makes our hearts happy.

In 2017, I’ll keep moving. Doing things and visiting places. Traveling outside of my comfort zone, doing more and doing better. Challenging myself and my surroundings and continuing to search for a flawless and efficient morning routine. I’ll keep searching for my purpose in this world while simultaneously searching for ramen joints in this city that I have yet to discover. In 2017 I will move onward and upwards and I hope you will too.

Here’s to all the good that found us in 2016 and to the great that awaits.