TGIF, pals!  It’s my favorite season for lists of links I love (aka Annie’s Christmas Wish List), so I’m back this week giving you just that; a list of links I love. I’m a little late this morning so hope you haven’t had too much coffee just yet. But if you haven’t (or you have) fill up your cup (again) and click around. As they say, there are plenty of hours in the day to be wasted (jk).

There’s a ton of cool things going on lately guys! Here’s a few of them that I think you shouldn’t miss:

  • I’m still dreaming about Eat Boutique Holiday Market and the gorgeous décor and the sweet people I met there and the food I ate and the stuff I discovered and the popcorn courtesy of Loyal Supply Co. and that chocolate from Apotheker’s Kitchen and….just go see for yourself. I think my eyes might be permanently heart-shaped after my first visit. Open every day until December 20th.
  • My friend Amanda does some pretty cool things always, but especially this week. She’s sharing some serious holiday love over on her site, Prim + Propah. If you like the holidays and awesome people, you’ll like this.
  • This week during #AnniesDayOff, I wandered around Harvard Square and discovered an Anthropologie I’ve never been in before, which is kind of like going on an exotic vacation. (click the link, there’s a sale!)
    • On second thought, I walked around A LOT during #AnniesDayOff. From Newbury St. to South Station to Park Street, Faneuil Hall, Harvard Square, Beacon Hill, Back Bay to Fenway Park. Yes, in that order. Yes, I have looked at map before. Here’s a question for you; do you know how tiny this city is!?
    • Walked passed Wahlburgers in Fenway right around dinner time, locked eyes with Marky Mark, took two more steps passed the entrance then turned right around and walked right inside. I can’t say no to those eyes and what if he was flipping burgers that night!? He wasn’t. But I listened to a podcast staring Joy the Baker and enjoyed some pretty tasty sweet potato tots. Sorry Wahlbergs, you can do a lot of great things, like make girls everywhere swoon, but maybe making burgers isn’t one of them. Not great.
  • Speaking of Joy the Baker, she IS great and she also takes the scaries out of Sundays and that’s a pretty impressive feat.
  • Summer Sitters has officially launched in Boston! Alas, I can return to spending nights and weekends in strangers homes, listening intently to sleeping children’s’ quiet snores, from a beautiful Chatham Bars Inn bungalow brown stone overlooking Chatham Bay Newbury Street. Seriously though, check them out. I promise if I’m your sitter I won’t eat ALL the ice cream in your freezer.
  • Shop The Street (aka me) just launched their 2015 Gift Guide (aka that obnoxious photo shoot that I staged, solo in a conference room for 4 days, that probably could have used a bit more supervision). You might remember from my snaps, you also might not watch my snaps and I don’t blame you. Either way, it’s pretty cool and it’s online for the whole world to see. (If you click no other link here, please click this one!)
  • Tiger Mama. That is all.
  • Just for fun: anyone know what my dad might like for Christmas? Or my brothers for that matter? Please reply in the comments below.
  • A not so cool thing: Chipotle (in my hood, no less).
  • Can anyone convince my mom to wrap these baby’s up under the tree for me? Probably not.
  • Oh! Oh! This is important! This new Essie Gel Top Coat business is LEGIT! This coming from girl who only paints her nails on the way out the door and/or before crawling into bed. I’m going on day 4, no chips, no smudges.
  • I’m hoping to get to Eastham this weekend but it’s not looking too promising. Headed that way? Or just looking for something fun to do? The Chatham Stroll is this weekend and my friends at Chatham Thread Works are ready for ya with extended hours, really amazing blanket scarves, great bags and the best sugar cookies you’ll have this season (or ever) and it can all be monogrammed! Except for the cookies.

A lot of stuff today guys, I hope you click around! Have a really awesome weeeeeeeekend!



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