Bagels have taken over my life; nine enormous, larger-than-life, bagels. So for those following along on Snapchat and Instagram, and for those with a general love for bagels and perhaps an appreciation for art, here’s the story:

It’s Friday night at 8:20PM and I’m sitting on my couch in a zombie-like state. I just got home from the office, which happens to double as a 40-tenant shopping destination unlike any other. I’m drinking a homemade margarita, ’cause it’s been that kind of a week.

Let’s rewind:

It’s a Thursday night in July. I’ve just finished packing up my weekender for another sweet escape to Eastham. I’m ready for bed and I’m scrolling Instagram, the 2015 equivalent to reading before bed. My feed is made up of the usual square framed snapshots; picture perfect beach-scapes, adorably embarrassing throwbacks, and summery scenes from the bar. I stop at a photo of 5 enormous bagels, stacked high into the New York City skyline. I screenshot the image immediately, even before reading the caption that accompanies it. I send a quick email, subject line: “Public Art Inspo”. I need these bagels. Boston needs these bagels. The Street needs these bagels.

A lot happens at ShopTheStreet between then and now. We discuss the possibility of giving this lovable public art installation a home in Boston at length, we dream up a crazy idea to create a space for temporarily housing local brands and businesses, we address a lot of roof leaks, pay a lot of electricity bills, host a few dozen events, prepare for the arrival of three new additions to our existing mix of retailers, attend a lot of meetings and eat A LOT of bagels.

Our pop-up project dream becomes a reality. It’s first occupant? A Boston-based, New-York-Style bagel shop. Soon after, our enormous public art dreams become a reality, as well.

Which brings us back to a Thursday in November, Bagel Day, and the nine enormous, larger-than-life bagels that have taken over my life.

Somewhere in NYC, five Brooklyn hipsters hit snooze on a 5AM alarm clock. Eventually they roll out of bed, loosely lace up their Chucks and shrug into their flannels. Nine enormous bagels wait in a moving truck, each one individually protected by blankets of bubble wrap and styrofoam padding. They’re on the road by 6AM, expected in Boston before noon.

Somewhere in Connecticut, the moving truck breaks down. Nine enormous, larger-than-life bagels wait to be transferred into a new truck and five Brooklyn hipsters give us an update we don’t want to believe is true.

Somewhere in Massachusetts, The Street Team less-than-patiently awaits the bagels arrival; something equivalent to the Pope’s visit to Philly (to be clear, that’s a highly exaggerated comparison, I know).

Four hours behind schedule, with a threat of rain in the very near future, the nine enormous bagels and their five Brooklyn hipster installers arrive at The Street unscathed.

The bagels are unloaded and unwrapped and it takes a great deal of self-restraint to stop myself from tearing through the bubble wrap like a kid on Christmas Day. Instead, I stand back and let the five Brooklyn hipsters do their thing, while I do mine:

Bagel by bagel, we watched this 15-foot sculpture come to life, eventually forming an unusual and artful vase for a single budding tulip, emerging from the bagels center.

The installation process was complex and beautiful, choreographed in a way that seemed effortless, an art form in and of itself. These five Brooklyn hipsters, the same crew responsible for fabricating the nine enormous bagels, were pros. Through rain showers and cold New England temps, they held smiles through the entire process; this tiny detail, perhaps my favorite part.

Click through the following images below and watch the first sculpture take shape:

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Everything by Hanna Liden, is a public art installation that hit The Street on a Thursday in November. It made its first-ever debut along the Hudson River Parkway in July of 2015, amongst the hustle and bustle of a New York City summer. The three-part installation features two stacks of enormous, larger-than-life bagels and one single bagel that sits independently on its own. Why? Why not. Meant to represent the eternal cycle of city life, the bagel, an everyday object, is transformed by Hanna Liden into a thought-provoking, beautiful and one-a-kind art form, loved by all.

It’s been a long week. A big, long, exciting week. And so, here I am on a Friday night, in a zombie-like state, sipping tequila on the rocks, telling the story of nine enormous, larger-than-life bagels that made their way to Chestnut Hill and in doing so, simultaneously took over my life and brought me great joy.



Life Lately 

It’s been a while since my last rant about boys and I’m feeling like ouap needs something a little more welcoming on the home page…ya know, in case there’s anyone out there who has yet to discover this thing, stumbling “upon my plate” for the very first time.

Before I get going, let me take one second to say to thank you for the ridiculous amount of love that was sent my way after I hit publish on September 28th. I heard from a whole lot of people; strangers, dear friends and surprisingly, ex-boyfriends and ex-boys-that-were-never-my-boyfriends…all positive things. All really positive things. It was a good feeling, to apprehensively put myself out there and quickly realize that I was speaking for myself and for a whole bunch of others. So thanks, to everyone who read and shared and texted and cared. You guys all rock.

Here’s what I’m doing currently and what I’ve been up to lately. Currently: Solo brunching at the bar at Bee’s Knees Supply Co., sipping my coffee slow and taking very small bites of a big bowl of hash, eggs and potatoes (so as to make sure it lasts There’s an old bicycle hanging from the ceiling above me and a guy from Vermont sampling cheese and mimosas at a small table to my right. There’s some easy listening tunes playing trough the speakers but it’s hard to hear over the interchanging buzz of the coffee machine and juice press and the clatter of mis-matched forks and knives scraping against big stainless steel bowls filled with leafy greens and organic yogurt. This place is a market, a deli, a juice bar, a coffee shop, and a cafe with succulents, handmade gifts and craft beer sprinkled in here and there, and it’s quickly becoming my favorite neighborhood spot.

Because this is a “food blog” I should note, this hash (sadly, now all gone) was the second best I’ve ever had, coming up  very close behind Eastham’s The Fairway.

I ended up here after a morning of very sweaty yoga; finding peace and direction and self-worth in a much needed early morning practice inside the Red Room, heated to 98 degrees at Sweat & Soul Yoga. I’m thinking I could very easily get used to this Sunday morning routine; peaceful and toasty followed by full and tasty.

Lately, I’ve been loving Justin Bieber (sorry, Andrew) and eating a lot of solo meals at bars; both of which I highly recommend. I’ve been seriously considering going back to school and seriously considering joining a spin studio (sorry, dad). I’ve also been eating a lot of bagels but only because “market research” is in my job description. Actually, bagels have kind of taken over my life and you can find out why on Wednesday via @ShopTheStreet.

Life lately has been good. I’m finding comfort in my new home and new neighborhood, getting holiday-busy at work (read as: covered in glitter and drowning in Swag), and preparing for another long winter in Boston. So looking to forward to feasting with the family and doing laundry in a place that’s not shared with 90 other somebody’s. Home for the holidays means baking and brothers and babies and for all of that, my heart can’t wait.

Stay tuned for the possible return of “Thank Goodness it’s FriYAY”, a series filled with links to items on my christmas wish list..i mean..links to articles and cool stuff that I love and that you might also like…and maybe even an increase in actual food related stories and more posts in general.

For now, I’m headed to the home The Sweet Scene, for foodball and friendship and food. Enjoy your Sunday friends!