I know it’s been a while. My posts have been few and far between this summer and not because of the infamous Writers Block of Spring 2015 (Can we even call it Spring? Was it not mostly Winter? From January to May? Just Winter. *chills*). I haven’t been around ’cause I’ve been so damn BUSY! To quote Gary Malin via Instagram:


Busy packing up my weekender tote, busy waiting for my personal chauffeur (Pete) to transfer me from Point A to Point B (Brookline to Eastham), busy soaking up rays, styling photos for Chatham Thread Works, busy chasing sunsets and slurping oysters and making a mess of my mom’s little beach house. I’ve been busy riding with dad, treasure hunting with babies, showering al fresco, busy ‘gramming my favorite salty seasides, crashing waves, and what’s #onmyplate. As if all of these tasks weren’t stressful enough, to top it all off they’re telling me I gotta go to work, too!? Where I spend ample amounts of time outdoors, among sunflowers and Pinkberry and Splendid and a shop that sells nothing but Cupcakes???

Cripes. It’s been TOUGH being this busy!

All jokes aside, it’s been one hell of a summer. One hell of a well-deserved, highly-anticipated, gone-in-the-blink-of-an-eye, New England summer. I know I was a little apprehensive about this newfangled idea of my most favorite season (i.e Corporate Summer), but let me tell you, it’s not so bad at all, especially when Mother Nature is on your side (why is no one talking about the record breaking number of sunny days we’ve had this year, Boston!?).

But this post was not intended to be a babble about summertime (as most of my posts tend to be). It began with the selfish intention of a desperate plea for your prayers and well wishes, for today is September 1st, known to many in the Boston area as Move-in Day, or Allston Christmas, if you will. A notorious day in Boston history (which was apparently once a blast), second only to December 16, 1773 (don’t quote me on that), during which, in 2015, 63% of all leases in Boston begin or end, 2,088 moving truck parking permits are issued, 38,232 students take up residency in off-campus housing and between 400-500 pizzas are ordered and consumed (you can quote The Globe on all of that).

It will be madness, mayhem and pure chaos.

…and I’ll be live ‘gramming the whole thing! Follow along using #AnniesBigMove!

Just kidding, Pete! Please don’t change your mind. See you tonight!

I have no idea what I’m getting myself into but I do know that that Ikea bed frame with the drawers underneath, that I just HAD to have, was hands down the worst purchasing decision I have ever made (and that’s saying something). I also know that in the same way that I’m lucky to have a summertime bungalow to escape to each weekend, I’m equally as lucky to have a moving crew*, willing to help me out (at least this year, anyway).

So please think of me tomorrow, when you step outside into those predicted 90 degree temps or while walking up one flight of stairs empty handed. Think of me and my 500lb bed frame, 8 J.McLaughlin tote bags stuffed with scarves, sweaters and sneakers, impossible-to-maneuver 6-drawer bureau and 10 W.B Mason boxes, fighting for a parking space, hustling up side-street hills, climbing 4 flights of stairs, weaving through narrow doorways and the entire population of Brighton. Think of me and the rest of Boston and say a little prayer for us all, cause we’re gonna need it.

To my fellow Move-in Day Warriors, good luck and good vibes.

*It’s not too late to join the team! Annie’s Moving Crew is accepting applications all week long! I pay in oysters, BBQ and beer. Please apply via comments below.

P.S as of noon today, I’m officially a Brighton Newbie! Know any good spots? Coffee? Pizza? Margs? Let’s chat!


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