(more than) 5 (long overdue) Things

White and blue blooms, patriotic cupcakes, fried fish, bike rides, beach days, clam chowder, lots of foccacia, Wellfleet oysters, sunshine, sandy feet, outdoor showers, roadtrips, ice cream cones and everything in between…can only mean one thing: summer is HERE.

So without thinking too much about the harsh reality of never again having 3 months free to do whatever I want with (a time during which my only reoccurring meeting took place at 3PM, Subject: Daily Iced Coffee Pick-up, Location: Hole-In-One Donut, Attendees: 2), I’m enjoying what I can of these sweet summertime months every Saturday and Sunday with the occasional #AnniesDayOff sprinkled in here and there.

So far, it’s working out pretty well. Here are some of my favorite things:

1. Solo-Vacation Bliss: spent a rare, long weekend in Eastham in early June, completely solo and here’s how I felt about:


It was a good time filled with lots of to-go orders, 1 free ice cream cone (a pitty-freebie, I’m sure) and very few Cape crowds. Warm days, cool nights, the new season of OITNB…what more could a girl need.

2. Fried Food Feast: because this is a “food blog”, after all…


…and summertime lunch with Dad (usually earned and enjoyed after a paddle on the Cove) is high up there on my list of favorite things (as is this new lower-Cape joint, The Knack).

3. Handmade Hamsa: met some awesome people, made some new friends, jazzed up my wrist-wear collection, all with a lil’ help from Prim + Propah. Follow the link for more of where these gems came from, plus an adorable, blonde-haired toddlah.


4. New Spot: there’s a new juice bar (Pure.) in town (Brookline, MA) and it’s a wonderful place to beet (get it?) the heat.


5. Cold Bevs, Cool Nights: When I’m not drinking iced coffee at my desk, I’m probably drinking iced margaritas (ok or just chilled wine) on the porch, waiting for the outdoor shower to become available and for mom to finish shucking the oysters; a skill she is mastering quickly and with full family support. Here’s a scene #FromWhereISit:

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

6. Sam’s Deli: The Best Sandwich You Will Ever Eat.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

A “Chad’s Idea on foccacia bread with avocado” (aka an Annie’s Idea ’cause it’s on the menu with whole wheat bread and no avo) via Sam’s Deli in Eastham, MA. If you ever find yourself in my neck of the woods…the Nauset Light, Basil Rathbone and Turkey Club are also worth the carbs your while.

7. Mom’s Garden: The Prettiest Blooms You Will Ever See.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Ever-changing hydrangeas from mom’s garden, popping up a new hue of blue after each wicked winter (also pictured, one of many places to sit, found at the Transfer Station, aka town dump, and put to good use).

Hoping the sunshine’s been as good to you as it has been to me. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed for more sunny weekends and extra gloomy weekdays (sorry, mom).


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