Untitled Post, Pt. 2

ICYMI: I’ve been in a funk. One not even a life changing brunch pizza (+brand new creative friends!) or a 50% off everything sale at LOFT can cure (I know what you’re thinking, I probably should see a doctor). I miss my mom (is that still ok?). I miss my little peanuts in PA and their big comfy couch that was often my off-campus oasis. I miss class rooms and quiet hallways and loud, long lunch tables. I miss being told what to read and what to write and when to write it, which I know, probably sounds pretty strange. There’s something I’ve always kinda liked about deadlines and schedules and assignments and creative writing prompts. I love creative writing prompts.

I miss school and a lot of the things that come with it (note: not everything that comes with it). This whole post-grad thing is cool, but is it everything we all thought it would be? Everything we dreamed it would be? Everything we so confidently insisted we were ready for? Maybe it is all of these things for you. Most of the time, it is for me as well, but sometimes I feel like my time on Hawk Hill wasn’t up when I left. Like I wasn’t ready to re-root, wasn’t done eating Hawk Wraps and helping the basketball team use the printer. I left a few things unfinished, like my Manayunk Bucket List and a fight with some friends, the cause of which, I’m still unsure of. What I’m realizing is that there’s this awkward middle-ground between collegiate life and whatever you want to call the point in time at which your real life begins to fall into place; the “real world”, if you will, that no one ever talks about. The way we talk about life in your early 20’s is you’re either in college or you’re not, but it’s really not that simple and I think we need to be more honest about that.

Anyway, I digress…

Long story short, this is my pledge to get back on track. To write more, read more, connect more, learn more, do more, be more.  To start using my MacBook for much more than mindless Netflix Marathons and Facebook scrolling. Because once upon a time, it lived in a bag attached to my shoulder and it traveled from the classroom to the basketball court, to weight rooms and dining halls and everywhere in between. It kept me organized and introduced me to new info, new worlds and new interests. Now it collects dust at the foot of my bed. So I think this might be the cure to my not-so-sunny disposition.

July Goals that might actually be the cure to this creative funk:

  • Unsubscribe from the countless spam emails I receive daily and never, EVER read
  • Read more blogs
  • Watch, read and follow more news
  • Run on Wednesday mornings, practice yoga Wednesday evenings
  • Leave work at work when I leave work
  • Write more. With a pen and paper and online
  • Eat more (healthy things)
  • Write more about those eats

let’s see if this works.

(ps look left for previously mentioned life-changing brunch pizza) –>


2 thoughts on “Untitled Post, Pt. 2

  1. I love this post. And I love you! You are not alone…this transitional period can be very complicated, confusing, satisfying, emotional, weird, unsettling yet settling all at the same time. You’re just kind of expected to make these huge life adjustments immediately and with grace and know-how, except you don’t know how. You’re learning how. But you’re knocking this grown up stuff out of the park…even though, at times, you may wish you didn’t have to. One day at a time. Find your “happy” in each day!

    PS. Your peanuts and their big comfy couch miss you too!

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