A Look Inside: Sunbird Kitchen

…because it’s a rainy day on Cape Cod and I’m reliving my days as an unemployed, part-time (wannabe?) local, waiting for the clouds to move over and the sun to shine, typing and sipping and munching and thinking at a high top counter by the window inside the newest addition to my rotation of go-to seaside restaurants (joining a VERY select few), Sunbird Kitchen.

From roadside food truck to quaint and cozy eatery complete with wifi, an abundance of succulents, a couch (with a guest book, no less), old books, hand drawn menu boards, cold brew coffee and the most delicious Porchetta Sandwhich I have EVER tasted (ok, so it might be the only one I’ve eve tasted but that doesn’t change anything), this place is the perfect spot for my Work-From-Home Friday’s and Monday’s summertime office…the search is finally over.

(Just Kidding that’s not actually a thing but can you imagine….???)

So turn up the reggae and take a peek. You’ll have to make your way to Orleans this summer to see what I mean about that sandwich…and the coffee and those cookies and that spring salad and…



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