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Writers block continues mostly due to feelings of “who cares?” and as of late, finding time to curate a ‘list of links that I love’ to share with all of you on Fridays has been difficult. I’m spending a lot of my time @shopthestreet these days, which is both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because it’s a job and much of the time it doesn’t feel like work and a curse because it’s a job and much of the time  I’d much rather be on the beach. BUT that’s life and life includes weekends and weekends include blogging on the beach so don’t get it twisted, I am one happy girl. 

I’ve had a lot of thoughts pop into my head over the last few weeks. Thoughts that I thought about turning into a post but ultimately thought “who cares?” or they were pretty plain and simple and therefore wouldn’t make much of a post. But I’ve compiled them all into a list on my phone, so for the sake of clearing some space in my phone and my head and adding some content to this endangered species (OUAP), I give you, a compilation of random thoughts and a few links that I love for your weekend reading pleasure.

I’ll start with the heavy stuff…

  1. It’s been one year since I entered the world of adulthood and so far here’s the best part: I can’t remember the last time I used the phrase, “I’m so mad” or “I’m so pissed at…” or “I hate…” (except for when the last bite of any meal sucks, I really hate that). In general I’m a happier, healthier, better version of myself and that really rocks. There’s definitely times of loneliness, missing my friends in Philly and NJ, all of whom are chasing their dreams, trying to figure out life after grad, just like me. I miss living within one block from everyone I know and I miss that feeling of comfort and familiarity while walking to class or grabbing a coffee, always feeling like you belong, never doubting that this, in my case Hawk Hill, is where you’re supposed to be. There are a lot of people I’d like to say sorry to, because college can make you an idiot sometimes and a lot of people I’d like to say thank you to because college can be hard sometimes and fun most of the times and without those people, that wouldn’t be the case. So adulthood has been good after just one quick year. The world feels so much bigger now but isn’t that an awesome thing? Four years ago I sat in Fenway Park and thought to myself, “I gotta live in Boston someday”. Today, I live three stops from Kenmore Square, I go on runs and end them with a lap behind the Green Monster, I sip coffee and stroll down Yawkey Way on Saturday mornings  like it ain’t no thing. I remind myself that this life has always been my dream, and while I’m making huge strides, I’m not finished chasing it. 
  2. Related: as it turns out, even in the world of so called “adulthood” people still act like children and for some strange reason lending a helping hand, say by washing one dish you didn’t use or taking the trash out when it’s full even though you did it 5 days ago, seems to be like pulling teeth, at least in my experience. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we were all programmed to be nice and thoughtful and understanding and curteous and helpful and respectful and nice (used twice for emphasis) no matter what? I’m not saying I’m perfect, but let’s all try a little harder, shall we?
  3. Life was better when cheesesteaks were abundant.
  4. Life is better now that cheesesteaks are not so abundant. 
  5. I recently purchased a S’well Bottle and let me tell you, the thing is magic. It keeps water cold for 24 hours (even after sitting in my beach bag all day) and hot for 12, while helping to protect the environment, our beloved oceans and giving back to the community. Plus, it’s hand painted and the prettiest hue of purple I ever did see so really, it was a no brainier purchase. Not a sponsored post, but you should probably buy one. (Available @shopthestreet).
  6. Related: these pants are on sale at Gap at they’re amazing. The perfect (and more flattering) alternative to leggings in the summer, even for us shorties. I call them my Saturday-Morning-Coffee-at-Sam’s Pants. 
  7. This morning I woke up in Eastham at 4:30AM, looked out my window with wide eyes and felt giddy with excitement at the first sight of daylight. I feel like that every single time I wake up on Schoolhouse Road and that’s no exaggeration. In that state of sleepy joy, I thought to myself “How lucky am I to know a place that makes me feel this happy at 4:30AM?”.
  8. If you’re between the ages of 20-30, give this TedTalk a listen. Sorry everyone else, skip this bullet. (I’m only kidding, you’ll like it too)
  9. Somewhat related: meeting people is hard and dating is just weird. I think  these are things you probably already know, but I think about them a lot so I’ll just reiterate here for emphasis. 
  10. And last but not least, it’s nearly 2PM, which is iced coffee time, and I’m sitting here by the bay wondering if that whole Dunkin Donuts delivery thing has been rolled out on Cape Cod yet…

That’s all I got for you today. I promise I’ll be back soon with real worlds to share and things you might actually care about. Maybe my next post will actually have something to do with food and/or eating it. Who knows. 

Thanks for checking in! 


2 thoughts on “Untitled Post

    1. Very much so, in my opinion! Perfect for long days on the beach or pretty much any summertime adventure! Always ice cold water waiting for you when you need it!

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