A Serious Case of Writers Block

HEY YA’LL! How ya’ been!?

It’s been a while since I last sat down with my ancient MacBook (year 2010, 10lbs heavier than the MacBook Air and currently showing a time of 8:01PM, when it’s actually 7:46PM) and let my fingers do their thing. I’ve been experiencing some major writers block, not wanting to write about anything, not even lists with links I love.

I haven’t wanted to write about the sunshine or the warm air, or the tulip beds that have replaced sky high snow piles that I truly never thought would shrink. I never wrote about #AnniesDayOff; my trip to Southie, during which I did nothing but walk around and window shop, wearing boyfriend jeans and debuting my pineapple tote for the very first time. I had a lovely, lonesome lunch at a new wine and cheese bar, Formage, enjoying and sandwich and soda pop by the window, but I didn’t want to write about it. I stumbled into Neatly Nestled, Pretty Reckless and Ku De Ta, browsing handmade gifts, sniffing lilac and verbena candles and perusing trays of trendy jewelry, racking my brain for any excuse to buy a little something for me or for a friend. I never wrote about mint juleps or mother’s day mimosas, never typed a word about my exploration of Jamaica Plain, where I tracked down City Feed and as a result, found the perfect place for Sunday bagels and an iced coffee (because a home isn’t home until you’ve found your spot for good coffee and a good bagel). I didn’t write about the Boston Marathon, mainly because it might very well be impossible to put into the words the feelings I felt while meandering Boylston St. on the morning of April 20th. I didn’t write about the crowds of onlookers or the pack of runners or the positive vibes that filled the air, despite rain clouds, sporadic downpours and chilly temps.

I didn’t want to write about my recent discovery of avocado toast with an egg on top (embarrassed by how long it took me to figure this one out) or about the Boston Bloggers “Meet Up” that I attended, during which time I spent a lot of money drinking a lot of drinks with salt on the rim watching enviously as these photo-booth pros posed in perfectly chaotic arrangements all night long; silly and sophisticated at the same damn time in classic #BosBloggers fashion.

I was invited to and delighted to attend the Red Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at the new PAUL in Downtown Crossing, wearing my (now famous) LOFT “party pants” (only I call them that, but I mean…see for yourself) and rubbing elbows with some pretty fancy folks from France. But how would you know? I never wrote about it. I devoured too many chocolate croissants and tasted each and every colorful macron, snapping photos of everything else; cream cheese and lox, fresh tomato, mozzarella and basil, something delicious made with portobella mushroom, something even better made with ricotta and espresso…I could go on and on, but I don’t want to write about it.

As noted above, I become famous on loft.com, paid a visit to the original site of the Woodstock Music and Art Festival of 1969, spent 3 glorious days on the beach with mom, won $15 betting on a horse race (ok, ok, so maybe it was a fight not a horse race but what kinda blogger bets on a fight?!), bought a REALLY adorable coffee mug with yellow stripes and bikes at Brookline’s local book store, watched 400 episodes of Mad Man (give or take), got a sunburn, signed a lease on an apartment and ate lots of ice cream in sugar cones with rainbow sprinkles (and summer has only just begun).

…but I didn’t want to write about any of it, because I’m struggling through a serious case of writers block, and I’m hoping this might help.


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