5 Things: Red Carpet Edition

These 5 photos sum up my evening of champagne, oysters and ball gowns at the 19th annual Ellie Fund Red Carpet Gala.


The evening began just as those who know me well could probably imagine: with a major wardrobe malfunction, of sorts. Is anyone surprised? I sure was when I walked straight into a deceivingly, ankle-deep puddle after exiting the Copley T stop. For those who don’t know what this experience is like, once you’re in, you’re in. It’s truly all or nothing, no turning back now. You’re either in or you’re out and I was in. So I waded my way through the murky waters, poured the puddle from pumps, and hit the red carpet as if  “City Grime” was the next Christian Louboutin.

photo 1 (9)

Amongst some of Boston’s best dressed, again, I’m sure it’s no surprise, that the only bar I really bellied up to was The Island Creek Oyster Bar. I was happy to see I wasn’t the only one out of my element at this event. Scruffy oyster shuck-ers in button-downs and neck ties? Not a good look.

photo 2 (6)

A beautiful venue for an unforgettable evening in honor of The Ellie Fund; an unbelievable non-profit organization that fights breast cancer by easing its effects on patients and families. In doing so, The Ellie Fund provides critical support services, free of charge with help from volunteers, donors, friends and events like this one.  It was a truly humbling and moving experiencing to be, even a small, part of such a big organization.

photo 5 (3)

Following a silent auction and a touching video, we sipped champagne and watched (with heart eyes) Neil Patrick Harris on the big screen (This photo captured while standing in the back, posted up at the Bostonia Public table devouring grits and slow cooked beef. The best meal I’ve had in a very long time.)

photo 3 (5)

All said and done, it was an evening of good drinks, good food (kinda) and great company.




Who’s with me?

I’m up extra early this morning as Snow Plow Wars continue outside by bedroom window. Imagine 1 quaint one-way street, 2 yellow bulldozers, 1 dumpster nearly overflowing with snow, 4 over-tired, aggravated men, and me, snug as a bug underneath the covers trying desperately to block out the noise from outside. An impossible feat, so I’m embracing the extra hour or so of daylight that I don’t usually see with a little blogging, a few cups of hot coffee, greasy bacon, toasty tater tots and the sweet sounds of Good Old War.

Speaking of bacon and tater tots, the last few weeks have been brutal (and I’m coping with junk food so that’s how those relate). I have very little pep in my step, mainly because it’s impossible to have a pep in your step when you’re wearing heavy boots everywhere you go, with three other pairs of shoes in your bag at all times (office flats, gym sneakers, and shower shoes). These days getting from point A to point B, no matter what route you take, is an involuntary work out; scaling snow banks and balancing on poorly shoveled sidewalks, walking one foot in front of the other like a tight-rope of pavement.

BUT I like to find the silver linings, even if they are buried deep beneath 6 foot tall snow banks. For starters hot coffee tastes and feels just a tiny bit better than its usual excellence. Sidewalks? Paved, plowed, salted sidewalks are a luxury like no other. Even if it’s a narrow strip of pavement that lasts less than half a block, it is worlds better than the mounds of snow and slushy muck that take over every path. Catching the bus feels like winning lottery. It has no schedule anymore. Waiting for it is hardly an option, as all stops have been taken over by snow and I’m now forced to wait pretty much in the middle of the right lane. So when you’ve started making the trek to the train and those bright lights pull up behind you, unexpectedly, it feels similar to what I imagine seeing Santa’s sleigh must be like. There’s not a lot of good but when you find it, it’s great.

and on top of all of that IT’S FRIDAY!

So join me in a java refill and enjoy this collection of cool stuff that I’ve stumbled upon this week:

  • FBF (that’s Flashback Friday): Last weekend was Valentine’s Day…whatever, I was working, who cares…but in my opinion these 10 reasons why Being Single is Awesome can apply to pretty much any time of year.
  • ICYMI (that’s In Case You Missed It): Ben & Jerry made Jimmy a new ice cream flavor and I can only imagine that it’s as delicious as Jimmy Fallon is adorable, hilarious, and perfect. Just watch.
  • Motivational Memo: I’m not usually a fan of these Thought Catalog articles but this one is pretty cool: 20 Signs You’re Doing Better Than You Thought You Were
  • TBT (minus the second T): Had a dream about my old squad last night, missing summer nights on the baseball field more than ever these days. @firebirdsccbl
  • Bucket List (category: cafes & coffee): Bagelsaurus. How could you resist the name alone? And the bagels? I’m just hoping they’ll be comparable to Delancy’s.
  • Hawk Hill Happenings: These renovations to Bronstein Hall are both incredible and infuriating…ok, ok, maybe not infuriating, I’m just jealous that the Communications Department is finally getting the home they deserve and I’m not there to experience it…
  • What to Wear: winter gear is not my favorite, far from it, in fact, but these Beanies by Beezer are handmade, ridiculously cute, and arriving at my doorstep any day now!
  • Easy Listening: Good Old War is coming to Boston and if you haven’t yet heeded my advice to take a listen, I suggest you do so this morning. Seriously. Do it.
  • This week in Boston: Does anyone remember what that green stuff that usually covers much of the ground and can sometimes be found on trees is called? Here’s a look at Boston before and after 96.3 inches of snow.
  • This Weekend in My Life: I’ll be watching the Oscars in style (and in good company) this weekend at The Ellie Fund’s annual Red Carpet Gala. Stay tuned for a special Oscars Edition of 5 Things, next week. I’m guessing it’ll be equal parts swanky and inspiring.
  • IMPORTANT ADDITION//Eyecandy: 28 Reason to tune in to March Madness. LOL THWND

That’s all I got for you this morning. Happy Weekending, people!!

Oh and PS, Shammy’s are back so if that doesn’t help you to see the silver lining through all this winter mess, you might just be a lost cause.

5 (snow) Things

Bean Boots
Here’s what I’m workin’ with from now until…July.
photo 1 (8)
Never noticed these colorful homes until they were covered in white
photo 4 (3)
Cappuccino & a complimentary Hazelnut Shortbread Cookie
photo 5 (2)
Office Space: Winter Edition
photo 2 (5)
Crispy Pulled Pork w/ Root Vegetables + Crispy Kale Chips + IG Notes

Simple, Crunchy Kale Chips

Question: Why has it taken me until 2015 to discover the goodness that is homemade kale chips?

Answer: I wish I had one…

I’ll eat just about anything if you douse it in olive oil and load it up with salt, and kale is no exception.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1 snow day
  • 1 large bag of Kale
  • Olive Oil
  • Sea Salt
  • Cracked Pepper

photo 1 (7)

Pro Tip: Use your fingers to gently message each leaf, making sure they’re all completely covered with olive oil. This ensures crispy perfection in every bite. 

Spread the kale onto a baking sheet, making sure that the leaves are not on top of each other (don’t follow my photo above), and sprinkle with one more round of salt, if desired. Bake in 350 degree oven for about 10-12 minutes.

Style perfectly on your pretty new dish towels, Instagram and enjoy!

Screen shot 2015-02-09 at 5.54.47 PM

Repurposing leftovers from yesterday’s Kale & Quinoa Soup never tasted so good.


Here’s how I wish today was going down…

I wish I was waking up with the sun, to the muted roar of the Today Show crowds coming from my living room; Maroon 5 live in the plaza or NKOTB reunited. “I’m getting coffee!”; that’s my cue. Get up or get left behind at the end of the driveway watching mom’s tail lights disappear down the block (this really happened once). I’ll jump out of bed and apply the usual summertime layers; SPF, bathing suit, bright Nike shorts and an over-sized SJU, UConn, PSU, Niagra, Deleware, Firebirds, or Falcons tee-shirt. Pony tail, sunglasses, ready to go.

On this “dangerously cold” morning in Boston, I wish I could swap my snow boots for flip flops and the T for my dad’s pick-up. I wish I was riding passenger side to Sam’s Deli. We’d take turns pouring our Nauset Blend. Mom will wipe down the coffee counter while I add one extra sugar to my cup. I’ll sort through the breakfast sandwiches while mom peruses today’s baked goods behind the glass; chocolate croissants, morning glory muffins, cranberry walnut rolls, cinnamon buns galore. If I’m lucky, there’ll be one more bacon, egg and cheddar on foccacia bread wrapped in foil waiting underneath the miniature heat lamp. We’ll take our coffee to go but not before chatting with the girls behind the counter. They’ll swap stories about the snowy winter and what their kids are up to this summer. I’ll listen closely for the whereabouts of her Cape Cod National Seashore life-guarding sons this season then I’ll smile and chime in with my “just-graduated-now-living-in-Boston” spiel.

We’ll drive to Nauset Light, pull into the rocky driveway, smile and wave to the familiar face in the booth. The line of cars to our left will grow quickly as the National Seashore lot inevitably fills up. We’ll find a space with ease on “our” side. We’ll pad down the steps, across the boardwalk shortened by winter storms, passing clueless vacationers wheeling over-stuffed carts and beach chairs, unknowingly approaching a 47 step seaside staircase. We’ll check out the lifeguards, post-morning work-out, following closely behind as they descend to their chair, carrying boards and bags above their heads and strapped to their sculpted, sun-kissed shoulders. Today, they’ll notice us (because this is all hypothetical, of course). Well, they’ll notice me. 

We’ll head down the steps and seek out our spot. To the right, just beyond the big rock, in perfect alignment with the furthest lifeguard chair, not too close, but still visible when we turn to face the sun mid-afternoon. We’ll land just before the families with dogs and just beyond the parties of 23, on Cape Cod for their family reunion. Two girls, two beach chairs, two coffees, one beach bag and we’re good for the next few hours…

That’s how I wish today was going down.

But instead, I’ll keep sitting here drinking sub-par, lukewarm coffee, with static-y hair and pale skin, wearing think wool socks and clunky boots. Not listening to the sound of the waves and lifeguard’s whistles, but instead listening to a buncha’ guys with power tools and thick Boston accents, building desks in the office space next-door.

*sidenote: I wrote this on the T (the silver lining to crazy MBTA delays and broken down trains), added that last bit when I got in and scheduled for a 12:45 debut…riiiight around the time mom and I would be turning our chairs to face the afternoon sun.