Five Things

Ya know that question that all dating apps ask (I mean, what?? Dating apps??? Not me…) “what do you do in your free time?” or fill in the blank “I like…“; simple questions I never really know how to answer. In my “free time” I paint my nails a different shade of grey on a nightly basis, I eat a lot of popcorn, clean my room, browse Anthropologie, mosey down Newbury Street, and watch Girls. None of those things are particularly exciting. What do I like? I like a lot of things. I like sunny days and peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, margaritas, eating foods stored in mason jars and eating food in general.  I like sunflowers, cozy socks, sleeping in, Into The Wild, black coffee and Instagram. Any takers? I’m free next weekend…

Difficult questions to answer truthfully (whether on dating apps or IRL) because A. the answers are far from unique and B. they’re not really asking what I like…not at all. They’re asking what I think some boy swipe-ing left or right might like that I like. But I digress…this post isn’t about dating apps.

If there’s one thing those who know me well know, it’s that I really like Instagram. I like Instagram a lot. Maybe a little too much. I look at everything (places, people, meals, bus stops, buildings, coffee cups, bold outfits…and everything in between) within the confines of a square frame, enhanced only by the most tasteful of filters. Lately, I’ve been fascinated by mobile photography; finding the perfect natural light, the whitest backdrop, just the right angles, and styling every single item in the shot just so. Between my own account and @ShopTheStreet, I’m getting plenty of practice and learning a thing or two from some pretty, pretty accounts.

Some of you might be shocked to learn that there are a few things I do, meals I consume and places I visit that don’t make it to Instagram, even on those days that I’m posting 2 or 3 times (see, #AnniesDayOff). This of course, results in far too many pictures taking up much too much space in my phone.

In a very round about way, I’m introducing a new series in which I share with you 5 photos of things that didn’t make the cut. Maybe this way I’ll feel better about deleting all 15 of those photos featuring that one BLT sandwich that I ate 3 weeks ago…

photo 4
Up-close & Personal with Nauset Light
photo 3
The view from behind my coffee cup on the 1st day of 2015
photo 2
When you’re 5 feet small & wedges go on sale, you buy those wedges
photo 1
This one made it to Instagram, but not my own. You can find the original @ShopTheStreet and the scarf at lululemon
photo 5
Mom & I spent Christmas morning mixing Bloody Mary’s on Andrew’s appropriately colored countertops

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