Snow Day Essentials

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This morning, I found myself not hitting snooze 3 times, not sipping coffee in bed, not catching up on all the articles stashed in my Pocket app (download it), and not padding around the kitchen in slippers flipping eggs and toasting an english muffin. All of which make up my usual Saturday morning (and Sunday too, if I’m being honest) routine. Today was different. I jumped out of bed at the sight of a beautifully alarming winter wonderland outside my window. Beautiful because we’re a solid two months into winter in New England and there hasn’t yet been nearly enough snow. Alarming because in between non-stop coverage of “Deflate-gate” every news station in Boston was reporting snow fall beginning at 3PM, throwing my Saturday morning plans for a major loop.

First thought that came to mind? Take a guess. “Shit. I have no food.” And the second? Considering last nights dinner of dumplings and lamb shwarma roll-ups (yes, both of those things. Don’t ask), “I NEED to get to the gym.

So I bundled up and headed out, with the terrifying reality of being snowed in with an empty fridge and barren cabinets motivating my every step. I trekked through snow-covered sidewalks, snapped a few pictures along the way (duh), surprisingly enough caught the bus to Chestnut Hill, checked in at The Street, made sure it was still standing and headed across the street to Healthworks to clip-in and gear up. sNOw excuses, am I right??

But the real reason I found myself in a slushy, snow covered Chestnut Hill with no car and a pair of Bean Boots that are about 30 years old, was as you know, food. So I did my thing at HW and headed back to The Street to stock up on a few things at Star Market.

5 essentials no human should ever be without on a Snow Day:

  1. Bacon & Eggs (and coffee and more bacon): In my book bacon and eggs should be consumed every Saturday and Sunday so putting them at number 1 on this list is only right. Slippers, cozy socks and tea fall into this same category.
  2. Peanut Butter & Chocolate: add 1 cup of sugar and 2 eggs and you’ve got Cher-baby’s Peanut Butter Blossoms in 12 minutes or less. Just stick a Hershey Kiss on top and you’re good to go. It’s recipes like these that make my 7AM wake up call for a butt-kicking Turbo Ride well worth it.
  3. Popcorn: wether it’s homestyle, kettle corn, movie theater butter, 100 calorie (I hope not) or stove top, nothing beats a bowl of popcorn while wrapped up in a blanket watching movies.
  4. Franks Red Hot WIng Sauce: buffalo chicken anything tastes incredible no matter when or where you’re eating it. Same thing goes for pizza. Combine the two to make homemade buffalo chicken pizza on a snowy day? aaaah-mazing.
  5. Wine: don’t get snowed in without wine. Simple as that.

A few things that didn’t make the list but are equally as important? A new bottle of Essie, a supply of quarters and dryer sheets, Bayberry Spice scented candles, dark chocolate covered blueberries, and the coziest Patagonia pull-over in all the land. Skip the shower and save the dishes for later and you’re doin’ it just right.

…but you already know all of this.



HAPPY FRIDAY PEOPLE! My world is especially exciting today because there’s only one more sleep (and a 5 hour bus ride…pray for me) between me and my very best gal pals! Hoping all of your long weekends are just as, if not more so, exciting than my little getaway to one-of-a-kind New Jersey. I’ve always wanted to geo-tag “Hoboken No-Jokin‘” on Instagram so this weekend, my wildest dreams are sure to come true.

People often ask how I’m able to sound so peppy in my TGIFriYAY posts. Let me clue you in on a little thing called “Iced-Coffee”. Probably the best thing about being back in New England? Iced Coffee never goes out of season. Plus, Dunkin Donuts still provides a hot cup to hug your iced medium, not to keep your coffee from sweating in the heat, but instead to keep your little hands warm from the cold inside and outside your cup. Gotta love it.

Anyway, here are a few links I love to help kick-start your Friday. These pair well with a cup of Joe, so take a minute now to fill ‘er up…

  • Fun fact: On this day in 1979, the late, great Aaliyah was born.
  • IMPORTANT: Tequila has been proven to help weight loss. Fellow Jose-lovers rejoice!
  • National Popcorn Day is this Monday (or in my world, everyday)! Healthy tip? Pour 1/4C of kernels into a brown paper bag, add a touch of oil and a pinch of salt, tightly fold the top of the bag about 3 times and microwave for 2 minutes…DIY, feel-good microwave popcorn, just like that.
  • 50 awesome things that happened to Kid President in 2014 because KP is awesome.
  • Is anyone using ClassPass? I’m looking for the catch but it might just be as good as it seems…
  • This blogger is filling up my social feeds with all kinds of healthy meals and fabulous styles and I’m certainly not upset about it. Check her out!
  • Adam Levine is like really dreamy…so let’s all take a minute to appreciate that.
  • Next Sunday I’m testing out this Ginger Miso Soba Soup recipe because….well, look at it.
  • Now that I’ve finally decided on which size to keep and which to return (it was a complicated month-long debate), I already know that I’ll be living in this Nike Tech Cape for the next few months…
  • I love this city and this time lapse video of Boston will show you just a few reasons why.

That’s all I got for you this week! Got something to share? Leave a tip in the comments below!

ICYMI: I added a whopping total of 3 new posts to OUAP this week so be sure to check out “Five Things” and “TBT via HCSJU” to help you procrastinate even more on this glorious Friday morn.

Haaaaappy weekending!


The following has absolutely nothing to do with food but it’s one of my favorites from my time as a member of the Her Campus St. Joseph’s University team so I’m stealing it back from HCSJU and sharing it here for all to (hopefully) enjoy. There are thousands of edits I’m itching to make but I’ll leave it untouched, pretty cool to see how my writing and voice have changed over the last (less than 1) year…

I’d like to dedicate this article to my father, the realist man I’ve ever known. Some call him “Cool J” and others, “Jimm-AY!” but whatever you want to call him, in my eyes he’s the spitting image of a real man.

My hope for you, my fellow female Hawks, is that you all have a similar influence in your lives. Whether that’s a father, a brother, an uncle, a cousin, a friend, a boyfriend, I hope that you all have the pleasure of knowing a REAL man: Someone who reminds you that not all men are dogs, someone who shows you more than unfinished homework and a messy bedroom, someone who is accepting of all people, who treats you with respect and most importantly, someone who never puts you, your opinions, or your emotions on the back burner.

My dad always tells me (in regards to pretty much any situation, but mostly the ones involving let downs, break ups and general annoyances from the opposite sex), “NOBODY puts baby in a corner.” While I may not have recognized the famous line from the iconic 1987 film, Dirty Dancing, as a little girl, I certainly recognize and understand it now.

In the chaotic stream of events we know as “collegiate life” naturally, some things, whether they be items on a to-do list or personal values and expectations, get lost in translation. We lose sight of our priorities, blinded by petty gossip or this week’s episode of Revenge. With all that’s going on, we can’t physically give our time and attention to everything so we pick and choose.

A lot of times this mentality is to blame when it comes to a certain boy or boyfriend or whatever you two are calling each other this week. We settle for a mediocre male counter part because well….it’s easy. And it’s fun. And while he may not suggest you pay for dinner EVERY time you go out, he always picks you up when he says he will….unless he got caught up in a video game, or lost track of time watching the big game…

And so I’d like to stress, as my father has always taught me, the importance of having a real man by your side (if of course, a man of any kind is what you wish for to begin with). A man who opens the door for you, calls when he says he will, dresses to impress, and maybe even writes an occasional love letter every once in a while (ok, ok so maybe I’m pushing it), a man who values your thoughts and opinions and encourages you to be your best self always, a man who supports your dreams and understands your fears, a man who knows that while you certainly are capable of doing it all, sometimes you just need a (strong and sculpted, preferably) shoulder to lean on.

“A real woman can do it all by herself. But a real man won’t let her.”

This ladies, is why having a real man on your arm is far better than any Michael Kors watch you may be finding in your stocking this Christmas.

The next time your guy tells you he doesn’t want to take you into the city because “traffic will be terrible” or when he tells you he’s “too busy” (doing nothing) to help you study, think twice. When your guy scolds you for your lack of make-up or tries to stop you from enjoying a night out with your girlfriends, remember that NOBODY puts Baby in a corner.

So in honor of the upcoming holiday, I’d like to say thanks, Dad. Thanks for always reminding me that no matter how cute he may be, how popular he may seem, or how “good-enough” he may treat me…if he’s not a real man, he ain’t worth it.

Between this post and “Five Things” I’m starting to sound a little “boy-crazy”, as my mother would say (after reading my diary circa 2002). But what can I say, idiotic boys are pretty easy topic to write freely about…   

Happy Almost-Weekend ya’ll! 

Five Things

Ya know that question that all dating apps ask (I mean, what?? Dating apps??? Not me…) “what do you do in your free time?” or fill in the blank “I like…“; simple questions I never really know how to answer. In my “free time” I paint my nails a different shade of grey on a nightly basis, I eat a lot of popcorn, clean my room, browse Anthropologie, mosey down Newbury Street, and watch Girls. None of those things are particularly exciting. What do I like? I like a lot of things. I like sunny days and peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, margaritas, eating foods stored in mason jars and eating food in general.  I like sunflowers, cozy socks, sleeping in, Into The Wild, black coffee and Instagram. Any takers? I’m free next weekend…

Difficult questions to answer truthfully (whether on dating apps or IRL) because A. the answers are far from unique and B. they’re not really asking what I like…not at all. They’re asking what I think some boy swipe-ing left or right might like that I like. But I digress…this post isn’t about dating apps.

If there’s one thing those who know me well know, it’s that I really like Instagram. I like Instagram a lot. Maybe a little too much. I look at everything (places, people, meals, bus stops, buildings, coffee cups, bold outfits…and everything in between) within the confines of a square frame, enhanced only by the most tasteful of filters. Lately, I’ve been fascinated by mobile photography; finding the perfect natural light, the whitest backdrop, just the right angles, and styling every single item in the shot just so. Between my own account and @ShopTheStreet, I’m getting plenty of practice and learning a thing or two from some pretty, pretty accounts.

Some of you might be shocked to learn that there are a few things I do, meals I consume and places I visit that don’t make it to Instagram, even on those days that I’m posting 2 or 3 times (see, #AnniesDayOff). This of course, results in far too many pictures taking up much too much space in my phone.

In a very round about way, I’m introducing a new series in which I share with you 5 photos of things that didn’t make the cut. Maybe this way I’ll feel better about deleting all 15 of those photos featuring that one BLT sandwich that I ate 3 weeks ago…

photo 4
Up-close & Personal with Nauset Light
photo 3
The view from behind my coffee cup on the 1st day of 2015
photo 2
When you’re 5 feet small & wedges go on sale, you buy those wedges
photo 1
This one made it to Instagram, but not my own. You can find the original @ShopTheStreet and the scarf at lululemon
photo 5
Mom & I spent Christmas morning mixing Bloody Mary’s on Andrew’s appropriately colored countertops

Oatmeal Raisin Chocolate Chip Cookies: an OUaP Original

Not gone are the days of knocking on your neighbors door in hopes that they have just 2 large eggs to spare. Especially (after a few glasses of wine, on a snowy Sunday) when it’s an emergency. So with help from the friendly kiddos upstairs, Lauren cooked dinner and I made dessert, turning this Sunday into one of our most productive yet.

Lately, I’ve been giving a lot of thought to cookbooks. About how beautiful they are and how fun it would be to create one (by “create” I mean, take every photo I’ve ever posted to Instagram of a meal/baked good, take a few more, whip up a page or so of text to accompany each one, slap a cover on the whole thing and call it a “cookbook”). Sounds easy, I know, but apparently you have to come up with your own recipes in order to do this successfully, not just be ridiculously good at searching Pinterest for meals and goodies, copying their every step and creatively (obnoxiously?) Instagramming your results. I struggle to create my own salad in the Sweetgreen line, so I really don’t think this is happening any time soon.

Just in case this crazy dream of mine ever does come true, I’ll continue spending my Sundays in the kitchen and sharing my creations here. That way I’ll be all ready to go..

So, when life your neighbor hands you lemons an egg, the only obvious thing to do next is to make lemonade cookies.

Here’s what I used…

  • 1 1/4 sticks of butter, softened
  • 3/4 cups firmly packed brown sugar
  • 1/2 cup granulated sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • 1 tsp ground cinnamon
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1/4 tsp ground nutmeg
  • 3 cups Old-Fashion Quaker oats
  • 1/2 cup raisins
  • 1/2 cup chocolate chips

And here’s how I mixed it all up…

Preheat oven to 375. Combine butter and sugars in large bowl, beat until creamy. Add one egg and vanilla extract, mix well. In a separate bowl, combine flour, baking soda, cinnamon, salt and nutmeg. Add dry mixture to the larger bowl, combine all ingredients. Fold in oats, raisins and chocolate chips.

Scoop rounded dough (about the size of 1Tbs) onto cookie sheet, bake 8-9 minutes for a chewy cookie, 10-11 minutes for a crispier creation.

The recipe I found and followed did not call for chocolate chips, but I threw in the leftovers from last weekends baking endeavor, so I guess that makes this an Once Upon a Plate Original Recipe.