After dropping the ball and leaving you heartbroken, I’m sure, with no light reading to accompany your cup of Joe last Friday morning, I’m back sharing with you two weeks worth of cool things that I’ve stumbled upon in life and on the web. In my favorite format of lists and links, I give you: TGIFriYAY.

Today I’m taking my own advice, tapping snooze a few extra times, sipping lots of coffee in my coziest PJ’s, and playing hooky from my corporate responsibilities. 3 whole days to myself to gently absorb the shock of the Real World’s lack of a 4-week-long Christmas Break.

Instead of Chestnut Hill, I’m headed to South Boston to poke around and probably buy a bunch of locally made gifts (for myself) that I definitely don’t need.

But don’t let my Friday fun get you down, regardless of whether you’re wearing jeans or jammies, it’s still FriYAY and you can still join me in a toast to the end of another successful week and the beginning of a very merry weekend!

Looking to kill some time? Allow me to help…

  • Christmas is right around the corner and since last year’s quest to introduce mom and dad to “hair cuts” was a fail, this Peppermint White Russian recipe seems like a fitting (and much less ridiculous) substitution.
  • Kid President is yelling about tiny top hats for dogs and other big ideas so I’m joining the #BookItForward movement and you should too, because “ideas, dreams, stories, the more we share them, the more awesome things get.” What book or story inspires your life? Most recently, it’s The Storyteller, for me.
  • This month has been all about chocolate covered everything and it’s all thanks to the good people of Dipt.
  • An IG account you should all be following (besides @aelagasse and @shopthestreet)? @blommingdales. Really cool stuff goin’ on, so if you want to be amazed…go check it out.
  • I could watch this video for 24 hours straight and I’m positive it would get me every. single. time. (even if I was watching it while sitting amongst a handful of Social Media gurus and the President of the ad agency that created it…….cause that may or may not have happened this week..) #WorldsToughestJob
  • For those who don’t know anything about me, I love Jimmy Fallon and everybody loves Justin Timberlake, so….enjoy.
  • Sundays are for bacon and brunch and pancakes and cookies, so I’m testing out this potentially life changing Pancakes & Bacon Cookies recipe this weekend.
  • I’m giving some serious thought to getting on board with November Project but that 6AM wake up call is just a little bit daunting…
  • And last but certainly not least I leave you with my top five christmas jams (of the week), because no one can harmonize the reason for the season like Run DMC, Coldplay, Chris Brown, Harry Connick Jr. and/or Justin Beiber. Go ahead and judge me, but I dare you not to get down to JB’s Christmas Album…  

I promise I’ll be writing about something other than Friday sometime soon. Happy weekending, people!

PS to my my friends and family in Philly…I hear Wawa pretzels make for great stocking stuffers 😉


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