TGIF: Philadelphia Edition

It’s FRIYAY friends & thank GOODNESS for that! I don’t know about you but it’s been a busy week over at @shopthestreet. I couldn’t have picked a better time for a VACATION!!!

I’m headed back to Hawk Hill to watch a little basketball, visit some little humans, eat a little cheesesteak (ok maybe a lot of cheesesteak), and reunite with 1 not-so-little sisterhood!

Thus, I present to you a Philadelphia edition of Thank Goodness It’s FriYAY; written from above, somewhere in the air between Boston and Philly.

Here are a few things I’m looking forward to this weekend:

It’s been far too long since I’ve seen my Philly Fam so for starters I think I’m most excited about catching up with mini coach and his crew.

For 4 years on hawk hill I’ve wanted nothing more than a large Starbucks, with a variety of quiet booths and tables for me to sit, sip and study. What do they do as soon as I leave? Build a new Starbucks. So you can find me in there this weekend, sipping from a red cup and thinking about how awesome a life free of studying has been thus far.

Sizzlies, Gobblers, coffee, pretzels, repeat. (Read as: as many trips to Wawa as one human can possibly handle within a 3 day limit)

#INSTAgam (figure it out)

Related: margs and beers with my dear sisters and dear friends (Tori, Kate…I’m lookin’ at you).

More good people, doing more good things. Like these guys, who are using art to transform neighborhoods from Rio to North Philly.

Looking forward to many more successful blogger events at The Street, taking on new projects of my own, working late and loving every minute.

Hoping for a win in Hagan Arena and so looking forward to the first glimpse of that 2014 A10 Champion banner dropping from the ceiling. #THWND

As they say, “home is where the hawk is” and it feels pretty dam good to be back.

Happy weekending, ya’ll!


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