Thank Goodness It’s FRIYAY


Happy Friday, friends!! It’s finally here! So ditch that to-do list, grab a second cup of joe and keep browsing this great, big, beautiful thing called the internet (PJ’s not required but highly encouraged).

A few things I’m searching for and/or dying to get my hands on this weekend?

  • A travel coffee mug: much like this one or this one (although I’m not crazy about hot pink)
  • Similarly, beautiful coffee mugs & tea cups (bonus points if their pretty enough to Instagram). I’m torn between this one, and this one and these and the entire drink ware collection at Anthropologie, and then there’s this one and…
  • An inspiring, beautiful, funny, or jaw-dropping TED Talk to watch before bed because I’ve watched Sarah Kay far too many times to count (I suggest you do the same). Leave your suggestions in the comments below!
  • One of everything at Flour Bakery & Cafe
  • Chef on Red Box DVD. Who ever thought I’d be wishing for a rainy day??
  • A good book to read on the T (because I haven’t read anything since Gone Girl, and I’m convinced it doesn’t get any better). On my radar? Bossy Pants, Big Little Lies, Wild and The History of Love.
  • More thanksgiving sandwiches. Because we are 7 whole days into November and I am 5 Thanksgiving sandwiches behind schedule.
  • On the other hand, maybe I should stick to meal-replacing smoothies
  • Vanilla Bean Confetti Cookies because Joy the Baker makes them look oh so good and it’s been rainy here in Boston and I’m in need of a little more color in my life.
  • And last but not least…throwing you all for a major loop here….if you need me from now to November 10th, I’ll be at The Gap shopping friends and family because these stripes and bright colors have got me all kinds of excited for fa-la-la-la-CHRISTMAS!
  • But wait, there’s also this mug….

I could go on forever, but I’ll save a few for next Friday. Happy weekending, ya’ll!


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