So yeah, Boston? I dig you: a poem by Regie Gibson

If you have any kind of appreciation for beautiful poetry and/or this beautiful place called Boston, I suggest you take a listen. Incredible way to conclude an incredible day with Boston Magazine.

New post recapping The Power of Ideas Symposium coming soon…but for now? Please excuse my amateur video work & enjoy…

“Regie Gibson is a poet, performer & educator. Former National Poetry Slam Champion, he received his MFA from New England College. He’s lectured and performed widely in the U.S., Cuba and Europe, most recently in Milan, Italiy. Representing the U.S., Regie competed for and received the Absolute Poetry Award in Monfalcone, Italy. Himself and his work appear in “love jones” a film based on events in his life. He’s featured on HBO’s Def Poetry Jam, various NPR programs such as On Point and Radio Boston, and WGBH-2’s Art Close-up. Recently, Regie performed for TEDX Boston and performs regularly with Atlas Soul: a Boston-based world music ensemble.” – via Boston Magazine

I was humbled to watch Regie perform, while standing amongst a small crowd w/ big ideas; some of the most innovative leaders and creative thinkers of Boston. With my big-girl pants on and very official name tag hung around my neck, I was filled head-to-toe with awe and enthusiasm and a new perspective on my bright, bright future in Boston. Inspiration and excitement running through my veins. I dig this city. No, I big dig this city.

His words can also be found here


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