New City, Same Brotherly Love

Living in Boston has always been a dream of mine. In case that wasn’t already obvious from my (I admit) excessive and moderately obnoxious Instagram posts, Facebook updates and tweets highlighting every Boston adventure from mundane (today’s coffee mug) to miserable (The Ikea Experience) to marvelous (Best of Boston Mag event). I can’t quite put into words what it feels like to be here, in Boston, finding my own way, getting lost in new places, living that dream. Wicked awesome, maybe? (ha).

There’s a notebook that lives next to my bed, forever open to one page, “Boston To-Do List”, accompanied by a pen that I seem to pick up at least three times a day. It’s not exactly a Bucket List, as my time in this city certainly isn’t limited but rather, an endless list of restaurants and bakeries and destinations and festivals and boutiques that I hear about in passing at The Street, or overheard on a crowded T, seen on Instagram or scrolled passed on Twitter, suggestions from co-workers and friends and magazines. Many of which will likely coincide with a new story and a new blog post, much like this one. And while I’ve barley made a dent in this particular to-do list, I’m proud to say that I have conquered many of the basics of moving to Boston; the little things, the things that seemed terrifying just a few months ago. First and foremost, navigating MBTA (Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority) and the 5 colors and 6 branches of one of Boston’s largest traditions, the T. Inbound, outbound, green line or red line, B, C, or D branch? Charlie Cards and requesting stops and uncomfortably yet efficiently packing-in to one small T to resemble a can of sardines, I think I’ve finally got it figured out, the Green Line anyway. Next up, finding my way around the city, with its impossibly curvy roads (unlike the solid grid of Philadelphia) and ancient street signs and cobble stone pathways. I successfully found an apartment via Craig’s List, after an exasperating but determined search, that luckily came with two great roommates (real people, not “super-friendly” cats) and I avoided and therefore survived “Move-in Weekend” (although moving out and in took a solid three weeks and I’m still not completely settled in). And so, I’m living my dream, one day at a time, in Boston.

And while all of these things are incredible, what I’m especially happy about and thankful for is that this whole Boston thing is my brother’s dream too. Because without him, much of this wouldn’t be possible. And by that I mean pretty much all of it.

It was his couch I crashed on in March when I came to Boston for my very first “interview” at WS Development. It was he who informed me that no, I can’t afford to live in Beacon Hill and no, I do not want an apartment in Allston. It was Pete who taught me how to use the T, how to read a map of the T and how to choose an apartment based solely on the location of the T. He taught me how to navigate the Financial District and Craig’s List, told me what to look for in an apartment (always look at the floors and no pets) and showed me the best way to get to Fenway Park, despite popular belief. He knows everything about building (and hopefully dismantling) Ikea furniture and has been pretty helpful in pointing out some must-try local eats.

Bucket of Biscuits
Nice angle, right?

And so, I wanna give an extra large high five to my brother, Pete. For answering my questions and explaining away my confusion and lending his car keys and showing me around this brand new city, but especially for building my monstrosity of a bed this morning (afternoon? all day?) and waiting to grab a biscuit from the bucket during our post-production feast at Sweet Cheeks BBQ (more pictures in the photo gallery but they won’t even do this meal justice) as I snapped pictures from every angle. Pete and I are always looking for our next meal (if you didn’t already get that, it runs in the family). It made complete sense to plan the construction of my bedroom while considering the where and when of our next meal. And so, it was only right that I show my appreciation to Pete with a bucket of biscuits, and two trays full of macaroni and cheese (arguably the best I’ve ever had), potato salad and smoked chicken and brisket (and a blog post, of course). We started with bagels and ended with BBQ and somewhere in the middle of all that, I finally got my very own, post-college, real-world, big-girl bedroom in Boston, complete with a plant and art work, and shelves and three tiny Buddahs above my bed.

You know what they say, team work makes the dream work. I’m just happy I’ve got Pete along for the ride, on my team (whether he likes it or not), making this dream work. And for understanding that after a long morning filled with power tools and hardware and one more trip to Ikea, ya gotta eat.

*note: my other brother Andrew also rocks


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