@Yuengling_Beer: A Social Media Audit

This semester I was given the opportunity to combine my passion for social media with my love for one of Philadelphia’s Phinest, Yuengling Lager. The assignment was to choose an industry, choose a brand and identify it’s top two competitors. For four months, my teammates and I tracked the social activity of the Beer industry. We looked at Budweiser and Corona but focused mainly on D.G Yuengling and Son’s; America’s oldest brewery.

Here’ to you, Philly!

I had never heard of Yuengling before coming to Philadelphia (I mean, before my 21st birthday…). In fact, I couldn’t even get the spelling right until just a few days ago upon completion of this assignment. Since becoming ‘of-age’ last August, I’ve found that I don’t particularly care for beer…unless it’s Yuengling. Brewed and bottled in Potsville, PA since 1829, there’s just something about Yuengling that my taste-buds crave. Perhaps it’s the flavor of home in every sip, or the historic story behind every label. Or maybe it’s because at 6:30 on a Friday night in September, I raised my green bottle in a poorly lit tavern on Samson St. for the 2nd annual “Philadelphia PhillyWide Lager Toast”. Joined by hundreds of Philadelphians, in over 250 bars across the city and suburbs on National Drink Beer Day, I tuned into Comcast SportsNet to watch a special ‘thank you’ from 5th generation president, Dick Yuengling, as he himself raised his Lager in a toast to Philly.

“Ever since my great-great grandfather brewed our first bottle of beer in 1829, Philadelphians have been supporting us and pushing us to grow,” said Yuengling. “The truth is, without Philadelphia, we simply would not be where we are today. The city has truly shown our family business brotherly love, and we’d like to raise a glass to that. Now that we’re the largest American-owned brewery, it’s time we say thanks in the most appropriate way – with a Lager on us.”

These words sum up my love for Yuengling (and Philly) pretty well. And now that I can drink Yuengling Traditional Lager in Boston? All the more reason to make my big move!

Blogger with Lager
Blogger w/ a Lager

In addition to bottling some of the best Lager on the East coast, Yuengling’s social media activity is pretty phenomenal as well. They’re active on Facebook, Twitter, YouTubeInstagram and Google+. Most impressive? Their incorporation of user-generated content on their Facebook and Instagram accounts. By reposting images and quotes from their fans, Yuengling is establishing a community of beer-lovers as well as providing a space for conversation and interaction. They do a great job of responding to questions and tweets (they even responded to my tweet earlier today!) and advertising their products in a way that’s personal, tasteful and captivating. Posting behind-the-scenes images from inside the brewery on Instagram or uploading videos to YouTube of the bottling process of Yuengling’s seasonal Summer Wheat Lager, Yuengling provides an exclusive view of their product which provokes excitement and enhances engagement. Using social media, Yuengling tells a story. One filled with pride, tradition and good taste. Yuengling is very much a humanized brand, which is great quality to have in today’s digital world.

Take a look at our final presentation below. (Lacking our notes of course, but you’ll get the idea.)

Yuengling Social Media Audit

Cheers! (and TGIF!)


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