Philadelphia’s Phinest: 1st course

4 years ago, ‘Wawa’ was simply the first sign of a baby learning to talk. 4 years ago, I loved the salt and the crunch of bite-size pretzels, but never thought twice about it’s bigger, warmer, and softer older sibling. 4 years ago, I never craved the combination of shaved steak smothered in Cheese-Wiz, known in Connecticut as a “steak and cheese” sandwich. 4 years ago, “wooder-ice” did not exist and Rita’s was simply a name. 4 years ago I had never tasted Philadelphia.

Freshman 15? Try, Philadelphia 15. There is one thing I love most about the City of Brotherly Love (as if you haven’t already guessed) and it’s the food. Since moving to Philadelphia to attend St. Joseph’s University, I’ve gained a heartfelt appreciation for the Philadelphia classics; soft pretzels, hoagies, cheesesteaks, water ice and much more. In the great debate of cheesesteaks, forget Pat’s or Geno’s, I’m headed to Tony Luke’s in South Philly, “wiz, wit-out”. On the first day of spring, you’ll find me in line, along with many others, waiting anxiously for the first taste of Rita’s water-ice. Pretty little cupcakes from the city’s famous “Philadelphia Cupcake” transform any old day from mediocre to magnificent. And of course, any food-lovers paradise, Reading Terminal Market, will introduce your taste-buds to local favorites and delicacies from around the world.

In a series of posts, which I will refer to as ‘courses’ rather than ‘parts’, I will share with you my Philadelphia food stories, plate by plate, bite by bite. Stories from the past and stories that have yet to be devoured. From my personal Manayunk Restaurant Challenge to a mouth-watering journey on the Philadelphia Chocolate Tour, I won’t leave a single bite out.


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