Thank You, w/ Love

My boss recently asked why I never blogged about our lunch at b.good (obviously, I tweeted about it though). So while I find myself here yet again, enjoying a kale and quinoa bowl at a high-top table for 1, I’m feeling particularly grateful that he introduced me to this small slice of east coast heaven. On the wall above me, small signs tell the story of b.good, a fast food spot that you can feel good about, with locally grown ingredients and “food made by people, not factories”. Like Dick, who grows seasonal veggies on his farm in Lunenburg, MA and Gus who makes ice cream in Cambridge used in shakes and smoothies. Displayed on the wall, in a note from the two best friends who started it all, three pieces of advice are boldly written, “take it easy, live life and most of all be good”. Words that apply to much more than what and where you happen to be eating lunch. So thanks, Bill. This place rocks.

I’m feeling particularly grateful for a lot of things lately. For friends who want to visit and family that will drive 2 hours just for dinner, for extended summer sunshine and orange sunsets over Jamaica Pond. For leaves that change color and for live music in Copley Square. For Loft sales and pumpkin spice coffee, tequila and moms homemade tomato sauce (not together!). For Instagram and MBTA and Good Old War’s “live from the City of Brotherly Love” album. For SJU’s Boston alumni chapter and for quiet moments in Harvard Yard. For an incredibly positive 1st job experience and for a new start in Boston.

I’m also really thankful for you, whoever you are, for reading this post and (hopefully) others. When I started this thing it was an assignment for a class. Homework. Another item on my to-do list. It was a chore to post 2-3 times a week. It was difficult to sit down and just write a post (especially after eating 4 of my last 6 meals in Campion). My ideas for posts come at the most random of times. On the T or at work, while watching House of Cards or while enjoying a kale and quinoa bowl at b.good. And when the idea comes and I begin writing the 1st few sentences in my head, I can’t stop. The post is crafted quickly, as my mind finds the right words, my thumbs find the right letters to mold my ideas into sentences on the screen of my iPad or phone. I click publish, my words became posts and the posts make up the stories within this blog.

Writing has always brought me great joy (I have countless “top-secret” diaries dating back to 1998 to prove it) and while my spelling is often blundered and my stories sometimes lengthy, this little blog of mine allows me to write, think, eat, smile, laugh, cry, explore, experiment and share. I hope you find some joy in reading my stories and I thank you for your kind words, requests for more posts and proof reading assistance (I’m lookin’ at you, Pete & Andj). Thank you, thank you, thank you for reading and for making this one of the greatest homework assignments I’ve ever been given.

With love,

Just Say Please

A brief note, perhaps a rant, on etiquette, specifically in regards to those serving our coffees, crafting our burritos, driving our busses, carefully bagging our groceries…all the people who turn our day from bad to great with a caffeinated beverage, a friendly smile, a simple hello. The people we encounter daily, and often never see again. The people who stand in front of us, behind counters and cash registers and who are people. Just like me and just like you. With lives to live and stories to share and good days and bad days and boyfriends and children and school work and second jobs and hobbies and interests and passions.

Be nice to those people (and all people). Be kind to them. Don’t order your coffee, ask for your coffee. Say thank you. Smile. Ask questions. Listen to the answers. Slow down. Smile. Look up from your phone. Hang up your phone. In 3 minutes, you can make a friend, learn something, restart your day, or theirs. Don’t underestimate the power of 3 minutes. Or the power of 1 person. And if all of this is too difficult for you, at the very least, just say please. Please.

That’s all.

Thanks for reading.